Advantages of Getting Treated at Alcoholism Rehab Centers

December 20th, 2010

Alcohol rehab programs are the need of the hour because of the rising incidence of alcoholism in the country. Heavy drinking, rise in drunk-driving fatalities, growing incidents of rash driving, and cirrhosis among women alcoholics call for effective alcohol rehabilitation programs. Alcohol consumption among teens, high school students, and women is on the rise. Alcoholism treatment programs play a key role in curbing the rising incidence of underage and binge drinking.
Rehab centers offer treatments catering to the needs of alcoholics. Specific programs are formulated for different gender groups and chronic alcoholics. Treatment procedure and recovery therapies vary according to the age, gender, and condition of the patients. The alcoholism treatment programs take care of psychological and withdrawal symptoms so that patients do not suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts.
Rehab facilities offer comprehensive detoxification therapy – medical, physical, and psychological. Medical detoxification helps eliminate toxic and alcoholic elements from the body. Psychological detox process is aimed at providing psychological support to end the patient’s emotional attachment to drugs and intoxicants. Nutritional supplementation is a necessary part of this process, which is aided by natural therapies in the form of yoga, meditation, acupuncture, reflexology, and adventure therapies. These therapies aim at helping a patient recover early and regain physical and mental strength.
Individual and group counseling sessions are important elements of the alcoholism treatment process. On-on-one sessions are helpful for patients reclusive of sharing their dependency problem with others. Private meeting with experts helps the latter discern the root cause of alcoholism and devise the recovery process. This also helps them work with patients to understand their personal problems and formulate plans and programs for them to manage their anger, triggers, and behavior. Group counseling sessions help patients develop moral strength and learn ways to develop community relationships and human bonds, which are essential to live a happy life.
Rehab centers also offer a spiritual recovery program that focuses on tenets of Christianity, pastoral counseling, 12-step addiction recovery program, regular church attendance to make an addict calm and sober. Religious teachings and prayers help patients develop a holistic view of life, which is essential to lead a moral and sober life.
Residential or inpatient rehab programs are devised in a way to prevent the patients from all kinds of worldly disturbances during their treatment process. Such patients are required to stay in the rigid, structured rehab facilities to focus solely on their recovery, where they undergo comprehensive detoxification, life skill training, nutritional therapy, psychotherapeutic treatment, and stress management training.
Alcohol rehabilitation centers also operate outpatient facilities for less severe addicts or those who cannot take a break from their jobs or have small kids to take care of. These types of rehab programs are particularly important for underage alcohol addicts. Outpatient rehab programs focus on individual counseling, group therapy, medical and psychological support, behavioral therapy, wellness therapy, nutritional therapy, and family therapy. These therapies are important to ensure complete integration of patients with society. Counseling for family members is essential to keep the family informed of the essential therapies that can help the patients keep away from indulging in alcoholism.
Alcohol rehab centers devise aftercare programs to support their patients after their recovery. Alcohol awareness campaigns, counseling, and regular meetings of alumni and support groups help rehab centers maintain contacts with former patients.

Alcohol Rehab To Ensure Complete Recovery and Relapse Prevention

December 20th, 2010

Alcohol rehab programs are the key tools in the fight against alcoholism. These addiction treatment programs help alcoholics develop sober living skills to trounce alcoholism. However, the success of rehab programs depends on the patient’s commitment to become sober and maintain sobriety.

The United States has registered a spurt in alcoholism statistics, thanks to the involvement of teens and young adults in incidents of rampant drinking. It has been seen that most of the rash driving and drunk-driving incidents are the handiwork of teens. Though the incidence of alcoholism has increased throughout the country, the young generation is the worst victim and has shown a substantial increase in alcohol consumption.

Rehab centers offer tailor-made comprehensive alcohol recovery packages to curb the rising tendency of alcoholism in the country. Detoxification is the initial stage of recovery from alcoholism that requires elimination of toxic substances from the body and mind of the alcoholics. While the process of detoxification is conducted, the patient is administered nutritional supplements are physical strength training to help them gain physical strength, which is badly needed by the malnourished body of the addict. Besides, counseling by experts is meant to end attachment to alcohol.

Residential and nonresidential programs are designed to meet the specific needs of alcoholics. Those under the severe influence of alcohol are referred to inpatient rehabs, as such individuals cannot practice sobriety on their own, that too in the real world environment, which is full of temptations. Thus the structured inpatient rehabs are the best way to approach alcoholism for chronic alcoholics, where they remain under constant observation by the rehab professionals and clinicians.

Less chronic cases can undergo treatment in outpatient rehabs. Periodic counseling, medicated therapies, life skill coaching are key elements of the outpatient rehab program, which focuses on holistic healing.

Counseling is the key to change the mind-set of the patients. It is essential to end the patient’s attachment to alcohol. Individual counseling sessions help reclusive patients discuss their problems with their counselors in the rehab center. Individual counseling sessions with addicts help experts devise a proper recovery strategy. Group counseling sessions are aimed at imparting inter-socialization, stress management, and cognitive behavioral skills.

Christian rehab programs focus on spiritual healing through pastoral counseling, prayers, biblical recitations, and regular church attendance. Religion can transform the mind of any individual, thus this program is designed to cater to those individuals who tend to have developed spiritual gaps due to alcoholism. The 12-step program helps them derive motivation from the clean and sober life of the Christ and focus on their lives in order to liberate themselves from alcoholism.

Physical fitness and wellness therapies aim at holistic healing. Life skill training, art and adventure skill training are offered to relieve stress and help patients develop a healthy physique. Therapeutic services, such as chiropractic, reflexology, massage, are meant to alleviate pain and relieve stress, whereas yoga and meditation are aimed at developing focus and keeping the mind clear of stress and tension.

Alcohol rehabilitation programs also focus on co-occurring disorders, besides treatment for alcoholism. Counselors and trained physicians advise in case addicts show suicidal tendencies, especially during withdrawal.

Alcohol rehab centers understand that after their departure from the rehab facility, the outside world temptations will try to influence the recovery process of their patients. Thus they offer aftercare programs to help their former patients maintain sobriety. Free counseling sessions, periodic checkups, core group meets are key elements of relapse prevention, aimed at helping the former addicts resist temptations and maintain sobriety throughout lives.

Christian Rehab Programs Include Comprehensive Treatment and Care

December 17th, 2010

Christian rehab program offers comprehensive treatment package to help drug addicts recover fast and completely. It covers all aspects of addiction and help addicts counter temptations through spiritual regeneration. Spiritual healing adopts a multi-pronged strategy, which focuses on end of addiction, robust relapse prevention, and complete purification of body and mind. Christian rehabilitation programs include constructive approach, wide range of non medical therapies, thrust on regeneration of values, holistic life coaching, and wide range of spiritual therapies.

Constructive Intervention

Christian rehab program advocates constructive healing. It aims at nourishing the body, mind, and soul of the patients. Programs are specially designed to encourage moral values and fill spiritual void in addicts. It teaches them the basics of religious and ethical leaving. Spiritual healing strengthens psychological state through infusion of positive energy. Prayer groups and regular church attendance inculcate self-discipline and values in life. Christian rehabilitation also incorporates holistic lifestyle with thrust on spiritual regeneration, religious activities, values in life, and compassion.

Wide Range of Spiritual Healing Programs

Faith-based healing offered by Christian alcohol and drug rehab centers focuses on the following basic principles.
•    Spiritual void causes addiction
•    Strong body and mind defend against temptations
•    Structured faith-based living helps avoid addiction

Spiritual rehab process makes patients undergo a number of religious programs. Regular church attendance is a must for addicts. It helps them come closer to spiritual sense and develop zeal for a life based on honesty and moral values. Members of prayer groups encourage patients to integrate with the mainstream. Group members also help each other in getting gainful employment.

Pastoral counseling during Christian spiritual rehab help addicts to stay sober and practice holistic life skills. It helps in introspecting on the causes of sinful living and learning from mistakes. The pastors show patients the ways to lead a disciplined life imbibed with religious principles.

The 12-step life skill program based on teachings of Jesus professes a holistic view of life. It is designed to help patients stay clean and sober. The program ensures self-discipline, spiritual satisfaction, ethics, and other positive values in life. Practice of it helps to withstand stress and remain completely free from temptations.

Education and Counseling

Christian spiritual rehab also includes awareness against negative impact of chemical dependency. Speakers during church masses and prayer group meetings speak on the social problems caused by drug and alcohol addiction. Pastoral counseling ensures that patients stay sober and abjure suicidal tendency and violent attitude by taking recourse to prayer and other religious activities.

Complete Purification of Body and Mind

Spiritual therapy focuses on purification of both body and mind. The program resorts to multi-pronged strategy to nourish body and mind. It encourages patients to develop their inner strength against temptations. With gradual filling of spiritual void, addicts return to religious way of life. It strengthens their resolve to physically break free from drugs. Holistic living method infuses self-control and religious values, which are against sinful acts, such as drug and alcohol addiction.

Supporting Therapies Complement Spiritual Recovery

Christian rehab also provides a range of supporting therapies. It includes holistic life skills, self-development programs, and a range of other therapies. Patients undergo medical detoxification if required. However, the role of medical experts is kept to the minimum. Traditional and natural therapies are provided to patients to build their physical and emotional well being. In-house treatment includes balanced diet, acupuncture, religious sessions, and innovative therapies to create fellow feeling between patients.

Robust Relapse Prevention Steps

Spiritual rehab includes effective relapse prevention measures. The focuses on purification of body and mind help patients resist temptations. Self –control and belief in inner strength boost the morale of graduated patients and encourage sobriety in life. Incorporation of religious values in life helps lead a contented life and easy social integration.

Christian Rehab Programs: Key Areas of Focus

December 17th, 2010

Christian rehab program is widely regarded as one of the most effective means to check the rising problems of drug and other substance abuse. It incorporates basic medical and supportive therapies in spiritual healing programs to ensure fast recovery and lasting sobriety. Christian rehabilitation draws essential lessons from religion to provide timely and effective intervention and save victims of substance abuse. Holistic lifestyle, regeneration of human sense, low-cost of treatment, and an array of innovative programs make Christian spiritual rehabilitation widely popular and successful.

The following points explain the areas of focus during Christian spiritual treatment.

Multi-pronged Rehab Strategy

Christian rehab advocates a multi-pronged strategy to curb addiction. Its objective is to build a robust defense against allurement of drugs and alcohols through spiritual regeneration of body, mind, and soul. The structured Christian rehabilitation program not only frees patients from addiction, but also helps them develop self-discipline, which is crucial to leading a sober life.
The treatment is a combination of spiritual, medical, and traditional methods. Medical detox ensures physical freedom from drugs and alcohol. Regular church attendance and pastoral counseling strengthens emotional detest for drugs. It also teaches a holistic living style, provides avenues for social and economic integration through prayer groups, and encourages patients to live a holistic life.

Spiritual Healing Programs

Christian rehabilitation includes a number of faith-based programs. It recognizes absence of spiritualism in life as the most important reason for drug addiction. The rehab course envisages an array of programs to help people develop robust defense against temptation of drugs and alcohol. The programs include pastoral counseling, regular church attendance, teachings of the Christ, and the 12-step program.

Regular church attendance ensures that patients develop spiritual habits with zeal. Such voluntary adherence to spiritual healing means help develop self-confidence and realize the power of prayers. It also inculcates stamina to withstand adversities by taking recourse to spiritualism. Regular attendance of church also makes one part of prayer groups, which acts as the basis of safer community life. Pastoral counseling is more benevolent than one-on-one sessions with addiction experts. It makes one to introspect on his sins and return to holistic life.

The 12-step living program is based on the teachings of Jesus. It is the most effective spiritual healing measure. Patients following this practice develop compassion, inculcate moral values, and adhere to religious activities. This imbibes one with self-discipline and encourages to lead a life free from drugs, alcohol, and other harmful temptations.

Constructive Intervention and Regeneration of Self-Belief

Christian rehab, unlike medical treatment, stands for constructive intervention to secure addicts. It focuses on spiritual healing and regeneration of body, mind, and soul. The thrust is on development of inner self and holistic living.  Patients are encouraged to develop moral values and practice them in their life. Faith-based healing programs inculcate moral values and believe in change through positive and natural means.

There is no external coercion or artificial support to break free from drugs in Christian spiritual rehab programs. Rather the focus is on encouraging one to introspect and realize his mistakes. Patients learn from them mistakes and gradual gain strength. Rehab experts guide while patients nurse their physical and emotional state based on their own realization.

Holistic Living and Self-Development

Faith-based Christian treatment inculcates holistic living practices in graduated patients. It imparts training on practicing religious way of life during the spiritual healing process. Moral support and guidance are provided to patients struggling to return to sobriety. Effective care is taken to heal the wounds caused by depression, breakups, and disintegration of personal relationships. Least medication is used and the patient is treated with natural means. The focus remains on bringing addicts closer to spiritualism and reinstate his faith in life. It ensures lasting freedom from drugs and help in relapse prevention.

Prescription Addiction Overcome at a Christian Drug Rehab Center

November 28th, 2009

Drug addiction has caused a lot of deaths not only in US but also across the globe. There are plenty of drugs such as morphine, cocaine and heroin that have caused many people to take on drug addiction. However, prescription drugs are known to be one of the most consumed drugs in the recent times. The worst part about drug addiction is that most people do not realize how prescription drug addiction affects their bodily health and mental balance. If you doubt that someone close to you is suffering from such kind of drug abuse, you will be able to know though certain hints and signs that he or she has prescription drug addiction.

You should check as to how much the addict is dependent on the prescription drugs. Most often it has been found that individuals who take prescription drugs increase their dosage without even seeking advice from the doctor. If you notice that your friend is consuming more drugs much more than the advised dosage then you can understand that he is depended on that drug to keep going. Christian drug rehab also focuses very much on the follow-up process as to how see how the patient is doing after he or she has finished his rehabilitation.

One of the most common ways to checkout prescription drug addiction is the change in the overall personality of the person. He will not like to be with family members and friends but rather stay alone so that he quenches the need for more drugs.  He will also be found to mix with those friends who are drug addicts and drug peddlers. You will notice them storing prescription drugs in their college bags or carry bags so that they can have easy access to them.

In order to get more drugs, the addicts will try their best to get a prescription. You will also find them complaining about extra health problem in order to get more prescription drugs. For this, you can find them traveling to far-off pharmacies to get their medications. They may even produce fake prescription letters to show that doctors have advised them to go for more drugs. Hence, you can visit the addict’s doctor and ask about the prescription mentioned by the doctor and also check how smartly has your friend has modified the prescription.

Negative effects on their health due to drug abuse can be easily seen and understood by their behavior. Some of the common problems noticed are tiredness, weakness, absentmindedness, inability to concentrate and weak defensive power of the body. The addict is prone to suffer from a wide range of health problems like fever, colds and skin infections.

In order to get rid of the habit of prescription drug addiction, one should visit a drug rehab center at the earliest. There are plenty of costly drug rehab centers. However, faith-based drug rehab like Christian drug rehab has proven to be very effective in getting rid of prescription drug addiction.

Christian drug rehab centers spread wings to offer Christian drug treatment

November 9th, 2009

In the initial years, Christian drug rehab centers were restricted to only the large cities and towns. This happened because of two prime reasons. Firstly, the administrators of the Christian drug treatment centers did not have the means and resources to go for a mass move to set up these faith based drug rehab centers. In addition, in the formative years the founders and proponents established faith based drug rehab centers in a few cities as they were testing waters before taking a final call on whether the concept would be readily accepted by everyone or not.


With time, however, it has been found that the faith based drug rehab centers have met with an overwhelming response from all sections of the society. Interestingly, apart from the stupendous growth in number of Christian drug addicts admitted at these centers, there has also been a sharp increase in the number of non Christians or non believers referring to these centers for immediate help. This amply illustrates the constructive role that these faith based drug rehab centers are playing in helping drug addicts all over the United States of America get rid of the drug problem.


At present, the faith based drug rehab centers are situated in almost every part of the United Sates of America. Most of these centers are operated and administered by non profit organizations and agencies striving hard to eradicate the problem of drug abuse from the society. Owing to their phenomenal support to the society, these faith based drug rehab centers are also receiving government aid in the form of grants and tax relaxations as well, making it easier for them to operate in various parts of the country.


According to experts, there are quite a few factors that have led to the mushrooming of the faith based drug rehab centers all over the United States of America. Some of the chief contributing factors are as follows:


·         Sharp rise in the number of drug addicts in America:


In the recent times, it has been found that due to an unhealthy lifestyle pattern and loss of family values and moral virtues, a number of Americans especially the teenagers and young adults have found it difficult to deal with their everyday problems effectively. This in turn has been a result of the disintegration of families and family structure. With the stupendous rise in the number of drug abusers in the country it has also been realized that the drug problem cannot be tackled effectively unless expert help is sought from skilled professionals. As a result, the faith based drug rehab centers have gained a lot of precedence among recovering addicts. Therefore, it is quite common to find faith based drug rehab centers situated in almost every part of the United States of America for the benefit of the society.


·         Failure of the traditional drug rehab centers:


Till a few years ago, the traditional drug rehab centers were considered as the most effective institutions for getting rid of all kinds of drug problems. With time, however, it has been seen that these centers are no longer effective in making sure that the patients once out of the rehab center have been recovered completely. As a result, instances of relapses are not very uncommon these days. The faith based drug rehab centers, on the other hand, have proven how effective treatment procedures can help a drug addict recover fully and lead a life of sobriety. This has prompted several non profit organizations to set up rehab centers in all parts of the United States of America.


·         Government support to the faith based drug rehab centers:


Earlier, monetary and budgetary constraints acted as chief impediments for the administrators of the faith based drug rehab centers as they did not have enough resources to reach out to everyone. This prevented them from getting popular in the country. However, their efforts were soon recognized and applauded by government agencies who found that the faith based drug rehab centers were doing a commendable job in helping the society in a holistic manner. Moreover, it was felt that by extending financial support to the Christian drug rehab centers it was possible to cater to a wider audience within a short span of time. As a result, the administrators of faith based drug rehab centers were motivated to provide services to a larger section of the society.


The factors mentioned above have ensured that the faith based drug rehab centers gain considerable popularity and significance in the American society. These centers are also getting feasible support from the ex addicts who may have received treatment from these centers to recover. In the coming days, these faith based drug rehab centers are expected to gain further momentum in other parts of the world as well.


Christian drug rehab: generating funds for enhancing scope of Christian drug treatment

November 6th, 2009


With the rapid increase in the number of drug addicts in the United States of America, people’s interest in alternatives that can help them to deal with this kind of problem has also increased phenomenally. In present times, Christian drug rehab centers have garnered a lot of support from almost all sections of the society. This in turn has helped the proponents of the faith based drug rehab centers to expand their base and establish new centers in various parts of the country.


In spite of the remarkable contribution made by the faith based drug rehab centers in helping the society, these centers have faced some roadblocks posed by funding woes. Lack of access to channels of revenue generation has prevented the faith based drug rehab centers from realizing their dreams to a great extent. However, the administrators of these faith based drug rehab centers are now earnestly looking for ways that can help them to raise funds and extend their presence to all parts of the United States of America. This will give a fillip to these centers and help them cater to the individual needs of the drug addicts in the country.


It is indeed positive to note that with changing times, people’s interest in the faith based drug rehab centers has grown manifold resulting in opening of multiple channels of fund generation. In present times, a number of private players, entrepreneurs and business houses have lent a supporting hand towards the faith based drug rehab centers to help them reach out to the masses and help build the society in a constructive manner. Apart from making annual donations, some of the organizations are also keen on providing their resources that can help the faith based drug rehab centers to a large extent.


The private players and corporate houses are contributing financially to the faith based drug rehab centers for a number of reasons. Some of these important reasons are as follows:


·         Contributing to the society


Offering financial support to the Christian drug treatment centers is a great way for the corporate houses and businessmen to contribute positively to the society. This helps them to reach out to the masses and help the faith based drug rehab centers in the most effective manner.


·         Adding an impetus to the CSR initiatives


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities form an integral part of every corporate house these days. These initiatives are given due attention and emphasis by the corporate heads. The main objective is to help the organization fulfill its key responsibilities towards society. Through these initiatives, corporate houses engage their employees in constructive activities. Therefore, these houses always lay emphasis on implementing innovative CSR activities. In present times, contributing to the drug rehab centers has been proven to be an effective means by which companies can involve themselves in CSR initiatives.


As part of the CSR initiatives designed to help the faith based drug rehab centers the corporate houses send their volunteers to the rehab centers. The volunteers who are employees of the corporate house visit the Christian drug rehab centers in groups. Apart form providing assistance in the form of monetary support, the volunteers come together to interact with the administrators of the faith based drug rehab centers to discuss ways in which they can help the patients in a better way.


·         Media coverage and branding


In a highly competitive business scenario, corporate houses are striving hard to retain their competitiveness in the market. These companies are sprucing up their marketing initiatives by spending aggressively on advertising and banding. One of the most effective ways by which the companies are drawing attention of media is earmarking funds for charitable purposes. A number of corporate houses are getting in touch with the faith based drug rehab centers for extending funds. By doing so, they are getting extensive media coverage for such philanthropic activities.



As far as the faith based drug rehab centers are concerned, financial assistance provided by the corporate houses is helping them in meeting the goals that they have set for themselves. They are finding it easier to add better amenities and treatment facilities at the centers. Simultaneously, it is becoming quite easier for them to expand their base and set up new centers in various parts of the United States of America. Some of the healthcare and biotech companies have also stepped in to support these centers by providing medicinal assistance at a considerably low price point. A few of these companies are even offering the medicines free of cost. This is enabling the faith based drug rehab centers to offer better services to the patients. In the coming days, these concerted efforts are expected to play a vital role in increasing the popularity of the faith based drug rehab centers all over the world.



Christian Alcohol Rehabiltation Program

November 1st, 2009

Programs conducted at Christian alcohol rehabilitation centers allow addicts to learn more about the love and strength of God and how it can help them in their healing. Most programs help an addict to admit their weakness and powerlessness; whilst allowing them to understand that God can aid them immensely in the healing process.

 Most treatments offered by denominational facilities allow focus to be placed on the family and friends of an addict as well as the addict themselves. There are some reports which claim that the loved ones of some alcoholics are overlooked during the important recovery stages, which can adversely affect the progress which a recovering alcoholic can make. With some statistics revealing that as many as seven people can be deeply affected by one case of alcoholism, Christian rehab centers allow for relationships to be rebuilt in the addict’s new found sobriety.

 One of the key issues which trigger alcoholism is understood to be the lifestyle that an alcoholic lives in prior to their addiction. Some clinics allow for a victim to be removed from any difficult situations which may initiate drinking so recovering alcoholics can have the best chance possible in remaining sober.

 Awareness about alcohol is one of the main issues which are touched on in many of the treatment procedures that Christian rehab centers use. Alcoholics can become accustomed to the physical, spiritual and psychological implications that drinking to excess can provide when recovering drinkers take the opportunity to immerse themselves in their healing. There are a variety of ways that this can be achieved, with lectures, therapy and workshop just some of the possibilities which are available.

 Focus is also placed on why addicts feel the need to drink, as efforts are taken for those who suffer from alcoholism to identify what makes them consume alcohol excessively. From there, recovering addicts can have the opportunity to acknowledge what makes them susceptible to temptation, meaning they can prevent a relapse.

 The professional care that is offered in rehabilitation clinics can be extremely reassuring, regardless of whether an addict is of the Christian faith to begin with. According to some addicts, it is the affirmations from other recovering alcoholics which can be some of the most inspiring reasons for when it comes to becoming sober.

 Away from the hassle, stress and difficulties of modern life, rehabilitation centers can be seen as a place for recovering addicts to develop without feeling pressurized by some of the difficulties that can be faced in daily life.

 Using Biblical principles, the assurance of new beginnings can allow those who have suffered from alcoholism in the past to move on from their difficulties in order to have a fresh start. With the help of trained professionals and tailored healing programs, many Christian rehab centers aim to make the process of recovering from an alcohol addiction as easy as possible than when compared in contrast to the difficulties and frustrations of recovering from alcoholism with little support.

Christian Rehab: Asking for Help Today for a Clean and Sober Tomorrow

October 29th, 2009

Treatment for drug abuse helps a person realize that an addiction is just like any other treatable disease.  As such, treatment requires the help of rehabilitation experts and drug treatment specialists, counselors, therapists and medical professionals.  Any treatment plan and services offered by a professional Christian rehab will involve behavior modification and other modalities to help the client embrace and maintain ongoing sobriety.


Depending upon which type of drug is used, and whether or not the person has also abused other substances, detox may be required.  No particular method of drug treatment will suit each person which is why a drug treatment center should provide a wide array of treatment options and services suited to the needs of the client.  When undergoing detox, a person should always receive medical supervision to avoid any negative side effects and to ease any possible withdrawal symptoms.


Treatment options should always address the issue of drug addiction as a whole and include therapy to address any underlying or hidden issues that led to the addiction developing.  A program should be tailor-made for each client and include the most aggressive and innovative methods available.   People turn to drugs for various reasons and in order to break the cycle of addiction permanently, the person must receive the best treatment available and as quickly as possible.


In cases of a person having an existing mental illness, there will be a need for psychiatric care as well.  Each client must receive a complete and thorough assessment prior to being admitted to a professional Christian rehab.  When a person presents with a mental health issue, delaying treatment or not getting an accurate diagnosis can be medically irresponsible and lead to a worsening of the situation.


Most Christian rehab programs offer inpatient and outpatient programs which require a firm and heartfelt commitment on the part of the addict.  Without the sincerity and desire to become clean and sober, any type of drug treatment is bound to fail and the person will still be stuck in the cycle of drug addiction indefinitely.


With cases of chronic and heavy drug use, receiving the help of a professional Christian rehab can actually save lives.  The patient may be required to enter into a hospitalization period before entering into treatment in order to strengthen the body and be better able to physically withstand the rigors of drug addiction treatment; this is dependent upon the age, severity of addiction and overall health of the addict.  Medical intervention and assistance is just one of the many components of healing and recovery for those stuck deeply in the vicious cycle of addiction and is necessary if the person is to heal and recover completely.


The decision to enroll in a professional substance abuse treatment center is the first step on the road to recovery for many addicts.  Through getting the help and assistance of caring, skilled professionals the process of healing and recovery is aided in many beneficial ways and allows a person to give up drugs permanently.  Professional treatment can and does save lives; all it takes is reaching out and embracing the help that is waiting.


October 25th, 2009

Alcohol addiction and drug addiction are considered as substance abuse, with the usage of the substance soon becoming an addiction that has spiraled out of control. Many Christian rehab counseling centers as well as religious drug and alcohol treatment centers offer programs which help the addict get out of their addiction.

 These organizations provide services which are presented from a Christian perspective that offers more than just substance abuse treatment to the addicts who join their programs, as addicts can obtain a special faith in God and the belief that it is only God that can help them to get out of their addiction. These religious programs can offer more than just substance abuse help by allowing addicts to take up the path of spiritual healing and recovery.

 The Christian rehab faith-based programs that are available around the country offer a supportive and excellent way to overcome an addiction, with the assurance that local church communities can assist an addict to stay sober throughout their life.

 In rehabilitation, addicts are provided with a beautiful and serene atmosphere for their recovery. The principles of drug and alcohol treatment in these rehab centers are the teachings of Bible and also the faith in Jesus Christ. These programs help the addicts to overcome alcohol and drug abuse with the power of spiritual healing and faith in God, with thousands of centers offering around the world offering religious-centric healing.

 Emphasis is also placed on the healing of the body, mind and spirit of the addict, with sessions taken to revive the creativity inside an addict. Additionally, moral support is provided to the family and friends of the addict who have had to endure the difficulties that a dependency can bring, with the opportunity for the loved ones of a dependent to receive more information about what causes an addiction and how they can take proactive steps to prevent a relapse in the future.

 Individual and group counseling is offered by professional addiction counselors to help the addicts achieve sobriety, in another element of these successful initiatives. These rehabs also provide the opportunity for addicts to study the scriptures in an effort to achieve sobriety. Sessions on chemical dependency can also become common in Christian rehab centers that embrace scientific and medical healing, with addicts encouraged to work in groups so communications can be established and sobriety can be achieved.

 As different addicts have different needs,  most Christian rehab centers provide both inpatient and outpatient treatment services in their rehabilitation units so as many people as possible can benefit from the services that an organization provides. In these treatments, personal attention is given to the recovery of the addict, with the treatments including scripture studies, prayer and various other routines. This combined with the support from experienced counselors and doctors can enable an addict to become free from their addiction, the opportunity to become a responsible individual and the chance to savor their sobriety with their families and friends.